“Fox and her fiancé in a provocative photo shoot”: Netizens called Fox and her fiancé the most passionate couple

Megan Fox and her fiancé definitely know how to leave everyone speechless

After the following footage, many ensured successful actress M. Fox and her fiancé are surely among the most passionate couples in the world.

While displaying a new collection of a nail polish brand, the celebrity appeared totally naked showing affection towards her beloved fiancé. The gorgeous hair, delicate makeup and bright-colored nails of the star of “Jennifer’s Body” literally left the netizens speechless. The charming woman’s eyes were emphasized with a black eyeliner and she had a brown lip gloss on her lips as well.

The passionate actress demonstrated her nails colored in emerald green nail polish later admitting that this color gives her strong energy and passion that help the actress feel the balance with her heart and true desires. It is worth mentioning that the rocker appeared without clothes as well enjoying the presence of his bride who was trying to show the perfectly done manicure.

The new collection of the nail polishes launched an electric blue color as well and the mother of three proudly displayed it on her own nails. This is how her fans reacted to their hot photo shoot “I am glad she smiles and is happy again”, “You are fantastic!”, “The world’s best couple, for sure!”, “We need more photos!”, “She is unrealistically beautiful”, “Her partner definitely suits her”.

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