«Form-fitting dress and deep neckline»: Salma Hayek’s recent outfit choice disappointed many of her fans

Salma has forgotten about being modest!🤐The form-fitting dress was found too revealing and vulgar for her age🫣😱«You should dress more modestly», fans wrote🙄

Celebrities continue to be the center of attention during the Cannes Film Festival․ Among many discussions and criticisms, the chosen outfits surprise all celebrity fans․

One of these stars is the famous beautiful Salma Hayek who always wins the hearts of fans with her choice of style․ This time Salma was with his partner, businessman François-Henri Pinault. She has been in a relationship for 17 years․ They attended several premieres together and won the hearts of fans.

Hayek’s husband chose a black suit with a white bow tie, and the actress stood out with her extravagant style. She wore a bodycon dress with puff sleeves and a daring neckline.
Among the jewelry, Salma preferred a diamond necklace and wore her hair in an elegant bun. The neckline of the dress and necklace showed off her bust perfectly and drew everyone’s attention to that area. The outfit emphasized her seductive figure.

But as always, not everyone was delighted with her choice․ It’s no secret that even if she was in an ideal image, there would still be people who began to criticize her․
Some fans were crazy about her and thought she was amazing among many young stars. They were shocked to see Salma’s flawless figure at 56 years old․ And many did not like her outfit and thought that her choice was very frank and vulgar for her age.

There were people who were sure that Salma had undergone plastic surgery and claimed that her face had changed a lot.
What do you think, did she have plastic surgery? You can share your opinions in the comments․

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