«Find five differences between Live Ken and Barbie»: Everyone’s attention was drawn to this non-standard TV star’s appearance

Brazilian TV celebrity Alves’s entirely new doll-like image raised questions

This television star from Brazil greatly surprised the public with the results of the operations the star has lately undergone. According to many, Alves has a Barbie-like look who changed his name to Jessica.

It is worth mentioning that apart from numerous plastic surgeries, the star has also received hormone therapy which resulted in a dramatic weight gain.

The popular TV personality is fond of rather bold and revealing outfits and leaves the public literally speechless every time the star appears.

Realizing that diets didn’t give desirable results, Alves once again turned to the service of plastic surgeons.

She has undergone a gastrectomy and now surprises everyone with the non-standard appearance and flawless body.

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