«Fell in love with the daughter of his ex-wife’s copy»: The resemblance between Kunakey’s mother and Bellucci is incredible

Here are photos of Kunakey’s mother Nadia who is the exact copy of Cassel’s ex-wife

The photos of French film star Cassel’s wife’s parents can rarely be found and Kunakey herself doesn’t like showing or telling about them on social media.

It should be mentioned that her parents are of Italian and Togolese origins and look incredibly attractive and unique. Here is Nadia who, according to many, resembles Bellucci, the ex-chosen one of French actor.

«They look incredibly like each other», «Am I the only one who sees a striking resemblance between them?», «She reminds me of someone», «He definitely chose Kunakey for her mother!».

«How beautiful and charming she is! I can’t», «Her beauty is underestimated».

What is your opinion about Nadia? Does she really resemble Bellucci?

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