«Fashion started with her!»: Late Princess Diana was one of the pioneers of the fashion revolution in the 1980s and 1990s

Exclusive photos of Lady Di in fancy summer dresses and swimwear you have never seen

Though many years have already passed since the departure of Princess Diana, her unique style and fashionable outfits are still in the spotlight of fashion enthusiasts. Perhaps, only a few realized how stylish she was at that time.

Initially, she dressed in a rather monotonous way and looked like a typical aristocratic woman in London.

Meanwhile, shortly after becoming a member of the royal family, she learned how to dress up «properly» and soon became a role model for millions.

Currently, her garments are auctioned for exorbitant prices and displayed in museums.

Lady Di became an influencer of the time even when this term wasn’t in people’s lexicon yet. She became one of the pioneers of the fashion revolution in the period of the 1980s and 1990s.

Already at that time she appeared in leopard-printed outfits and was the first one from a celebrity who dared to appear in total black.

Sometimes, she appeared in tuxedo-like outfits and went against the royals’ protocol.

The late Princess’s defining style mainly consisted of nude-colored dresses, light-weighted fabrics and total-black classic and elegant outfits.


She was the first to demonstrate the bicycle outside the gym. Diana was even caught in bikinis, oversized coats, and baggy jeans as well.

The Queen of People’s Hearts was the first to wear slacks to formal meeting and gatherings.

As a conclusion, no matter what the Princess wore, all her outfits appear to be in fashion even nowadays.