«Fashion has no age limit»: Sharon Stone still holds the title of one of the most attractive Hollywood actresses despite her age

64-year-old Sharon Stone keeps delighting the fans with her stunning bikini body

Despite slowly approaching her 7th decade, Sh. Stone still holds the title of one of the brightest, most attractive and charismatic actresses in Hollywood film industry.

The talented American film star has recently posted an archive photo in a hot silver swimsuit proudly showing her perfect body. It stands to reason that the majority of network users were simply delighted with her gracefulness and elegance.

She signed the photo. «How I love Tahiti».

Over 172 thousand people «liked» the photo and over 4 thousand left comments on the legendary star’s magnificent appearance.

«Wow! I love it!», «How can one look so beautiful at 64?», «Stand up! The goddess is here», «The best out of the best», «Keep going, my favorite actress», «You possess a dream body».

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