Fans were surprised when Willem Dafoe got down on one knee and proposed to her

Despite their age disparity, they have a solid union

Many people know famous actor Willem Dafoe, who got married for the third time, but this time he behaved more romantically than before.

It is known that he lived with his first wife for 27 years and with the second one for 17 years. And now it’s the turn of the stunning Italian, Jada Colagrandi, who captured the actor’s heart so much that he got down on one knee and proposed with a wedding ring. Everyone was amazed by his daring act.

Now the couple lives happily together and despite their age difference, they have a strong bond.

The couple doesn’t like to speak about their personal life and keeps it a secret from the audience. But it’s obvious how much they love and respect each other, and there’s no doubt that their relationship will last quite long.

It’s so nice to see a celebrity like Willem Dafoe take such matters seriously and take responsibility for his actions. He knows how to love and appreciate the one who donated herself to him.

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