Famous beauties of the 90s who lost their attractiveness over the years  

There was a time, these beauties were considered the most beautiful women in the world.

They were popular, loved, and well-known. Lovely models shone at fashion shows and were the muses of eminent couturiers. And young women desired to look like them because their cuteness, charm, and attractiveness were undeniable. Appearance has one enemy: time. Over the years, these models have lost all their attractiveness, losing the battle against time.

Linda Evangelista. After the birth of the baby, the model gained weight, but could not lose them. Linda never came back to her former figure besides the plastic operation that transformed her face.

Kate Moss. Despite her young age, Moss managed to become a leading model. Nevertheless, everyone knew about his lifestyle. She liked to drink a lot but later banned substances appeared in her life. And, definitely, all this was mirrored in her appearance.

 Janice Dickinson. Her attractive face as well as her ideal figure have become a characteristic feature of the model. Only now fame has gone to her head, the model has plunged heady into the nightlife, where there has always been a lot of heady and forbidden. After one addiction gave way to another, Dickinson became interested in plastic operations as well as Botox.

Carla Bruni. The worldly-wise model instantly became mega-famous, her beauty conquered the fashion world. However, beauty has always been scared to grow old. As a result, she became interested in plastic operations, which mainly transformed her.

Tyra Banks was one of the most popular models. The best fashion designers as well as advertising companies worked with her. However, over the years, the model gained weight and began to pay less attention to herself. She is frequently seen disheveled and untidy.