«Family is everything»: Legendary actor Willis’s wife posted heartwarming photos with her husband and deeply touched the fans

New touching shots of Emma Heming and Willis who suffers aphasia hit the network

These admirable spouses now prioritize time together more than ever and, what concerns the legendary actor, Willis started to appear in public less and less often due to a series brain disorder he suffers.

The iconic actor’s wife frequently posts heartwarming family photos with her beloved husband delighting their followers. Emma Heming often shares romantic shots revealing her and the great actor warming their fans’ hearts.

Recently, Heming posted a heart-felt footage in which Willis was gently holding Emma’s hand. The overall-recognized movie star’s wife added one of the most romantic songs by Harry Styles «Adore You» to the stories section.

She also delighted the followers with an archival photo she shared taken before Willis learnt about his diagnosis. As a reminder, the legendary movie star is diagnosed with aphasia which is a serious brain disorder affecting an individual’s speech and hearing.

And due to problems concerning his poor memory, Willis had to put an end to his drizzling acting career.

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