«Fabulous with a hint!»: Cyrus’s stunningly beautiful appearance at the fashion show caused a stir

The main star at the Versace fashion show became Cyrus in her sophisticated dress 🥰😍

The stunningly beautiful appearance of world-renowned, successful and talented singer and actress M. Cyrus at the fashion show let no single one remain indifferent.

The iconic star of West Hollywood chose a fabulous and extraordinarily beautiful gown adorned with silver chains and a spicy thigh slit that revealed her attractive and flawless figure.

Her hair deserved special attention too. It was dyed in two colors and suited her best according to the majority of her fans. Her facial features were accentuated with smoky eyeshadows. The final touch became her metallic bracelet.

She actively interacted with E. John and rapper Lil Nas X. Here they are!

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