Everyone’s favorite Xander has aged: This is how star Brandon looks and lives today

You will be surprised by how the main character of the Vampire series has changed

Millions of viewers’ hearts belonged to Xander from the popular series who charmed with his handsomeness and charisma. The story of the series quickly gained overall recognition and love from people all over the world.

Yet, the prominent actor has considerably aged and changed even beyond recognition over the last few years. It should be mentioned that he has been attempting to appear in films for a long time.

His character immediately brought him overall fame and love from thousands of viewers. However, everything changed as soon as the episodes were over. Soon, the audience forgot about this movie star.

However surprising it might seem, he often got into scandals and brawls and was even taken to the police station, He couldn’t stop drinking alcohol which greatly affected both his health and appearance.

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