«Everyone’s favorite Pretty Woman is not the same!»: The entirely new image of Roberts raised questions

The fans hardly recognized their favorite Pretty Woman with her entirely new image 😲🥰

All of a sudden and to everyone’s great surprise, the «Pretty Woman» star, who has always remained «conservative» and has been for accepting natural beauty, has recently changed her image beyond recognition.

Many couldn’t believe their eyes and even barely recognized their favorite actress. She arrived at the event of the Chopard brand with a long bang and waves. It is known that one of the stylists who helped her change her image was S. Normant.

However, far not everyone was pleased with the way the legendary movie star had changed. Some strongly held the opinion that her new hairstyle made her look simpler and less attractive.

Some claimed that she now looked like a completely different person wondering what she did to herself. Her new image may be conditioned by the fact that she has finally found peace and now her relationship with her husband is better than months ago.

The spouses could save their marriage and has recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of their marriage.

Despite her age, she still shows enthusiasm about acting in films and one of her latest works include «Ticket to Paradise».

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