«Every atom of her is beautiful»: The magnificent look of the world’s prettiest woman on the Red Carpet drew everyone’s attention

We have found the most beautiful woman on Earth according to the «golden section»

It is worth mentioning that charming, talented and well-known actress Jodie Comer has been titled «the most beautiful woman on the Globe» according to the study of Dr. J. De Silva based on the «golden section».

Judging by the ultimate results, the 29-year-old actress was proved to be 94 percent perfect. «How come she is the prettiest one on the Globe?», «There are millions like her everywhere», «Why is she considered unique?».

«I don’t see anything extraordinary here», «Why did people decide that she is the most beautiful in the entire world?», «An ordinary girl with nothing special».

«Such a plain one», «My most favorite actress ever», «I can’t find words to describe her beauty», «The perfection itself».

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