«Eastwood’s ex with Al Pacino»: Everyone was in great surprise to see what Al Pacino’s girlfriend who is 28 looks like

The news that 81-year-old Al Pacino is dating Eastwood’s ex-lover caused a stir

It stands to reason that one of the legendary and most prominent actors of our time is Al Pacino who is believed to be in a relationship with N. Alfallah. Recently, the paparazzi managed to capture the cult actor with his youthful chosen one.

As has been figured out, he is currently dating the ex-girlfriend of M. Jaggar and C. Eastwood. The scandalous paparazzi photos quickly went viral and caused a stir on social media.

Many rushed to leave negative comments and far not everyone was delighted with the astonishing news.

«The ex of Eastwood with the legend of cinematography», «Love knows no age and appearance», «I don’t see anything bad in this. Stop criticizing them!».

«They both look good together«, «Pacino still looks attractive. He keeps winning hearts of young girls».

«He seems to forget how old he already is!».

What can you say about these non-standard couple?

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