During the concert, Pink saw a placard in the crowd of fans and stopped the concert in tears

The artist supported the fan not in words but in deeds as well.

The previous week, the well-known singer Pink flew to Australia to give concerts there.

During one of her performances, the celebrity discontinued the concert all of a sudden. The reason for this was a placard placed in the crowd, which was held by one of the fans.

As it turned out then, this placard was taken from the hands of a young girl, and brought to the board so that the singer could read it.

The writing of the placard is unlikely to leave anyone insensitive. There was a message from Leah who is 14.

According to the girl, not so long ago, she lost her mother. Currently, she doesn’t feel well. Next to her was a request to Pink, and the girl asked to hug her.

Pink was so touched by such a placard that she put a stop to the concert, went down to the hall, found the girl and hugged her hard.

In return for this, Leah burst into tears.

Pink calmed her down by telling her that things weren’t so bad and that things would get better eventually. After that, Pink gave the girl an autograph and took a picture with her as a memorial as well.

It is reported that her aunt named Katrina came to the singer’s concert with Leah.

She told the artist that the girl had been skimping money for Pink’s performance for a long time and bought tickets with her mother, who passed away a month before the concert. It was Katrina who drew the placard calling to hug Leah. Thus, she had the desire to support her niece.

Pink’s act was highly appreciated by all her fans. According to them, the artist supported the fan not in words but in deeds as well. So, for the first time in a month, she felt joyful.

It should be mentioned that Pink herself is the mother of two kids. So, for her, such a tragedy is clearly not an empty phrase.

Returning to the stage, the artist after the concert called on all those present to call their mothers and find out how they are doing. What great advice!