«Drove everyone crazy!»: The photos of Gomez in a bikini from vacation became the subject of discussions

Spicy pics of Gomez in a revealing bikini on a yacht drove everyone crazy 😳😍

S. Gomez is currently enjoying her well-deserved vacation at a luxurious resort by the beach. Shortly after she finished the work on «The Building Murders», she rushed to go to the beach and enjoy the Sun and warm summer days.

Her provocative photo shoot in a bikini with cutouts and luxurious golden earrings left every single one speechless. The iconic singer tied her hair in a bun and proudly showed her makeup-free look.

For the first shot she posed with her eyes closed showcasing her tattoo on the thigh. Her fans couldn’t find words to describe her attractiveness and appetizing body.

Millions were pleasantly surprised and rushed to complement the legendary performer and actress on her perfect figure. Some ironically compared her to Kardashian.

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