«Drastic weight loss or surgeries?»: The way Portman has changed became the subject of discussions

After Portman’s new photos, fans started questioning whether she got surgeries or not 🤔🧐

The recent photos of iconic movie star N. Portman didn’t let any single one stay indifferent. Many clearly noticed that her appearance has undergone some radical changes and started accusing her of having undergone surgeries.

Her changed look soon caused a stir and the fans of the movie star divided into two groups: those who kept admiring her beauty and femininity, and those who were more than sure that she had some surgeries in pursuit of ageless beauty.

However, another popular opinion about her drastic transformation claims that it was conditioned by her weight loss.  What do you think about changing her appearance?

The opinions of netizens varied, yet it is important to bear in our mind that each and every person decides what to do with his or her body and face.

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