Dr. Phil and Robin McGraw met when they were both focused on their careers and uninterested in getting into a relationship. Robin was friends with Dr.Phil’s sisters, and she met him in his parents’ living room.

Dr.Phil and his wife, Robin McGraw, have been married for 46 years. They have built an enormous fortune together but come from humble beginnings. Robin got married in a $99 dress, and even today, they still enjoy the simpler things in life.

Talk show mogul Dr.Phil McGraw has changed multiple lives with his talk show “Dr.Phil,” which has been on the air for an impressive 21 seasons.

However, before using his psychology experience to build a successful career on daytime television, he started, like any other broke student, focusing on finishing his studies and making money.

Just before the talk show host was about to leave for school to take his Masters, he had set his eyes on someone that would become his wife of over four decades.

Dr.Phil and Robin McGraw met when they were both focused on their careers and uninterested in getting into a relationship. Robin was friends with Dr.Phil’s sisters, and she met him in his parents’ living room. As soon as they locked eyes, Dr.Phil asked, “Who are you?”

Though both were not looking for anything serious, it became evident things were about to change for them. The first clue was Robin trusting Dr.Phil to fly a plane on their first date.

The talk show host remembered Robin telling him she had never flown before, so he took that as an invitation to personally give her her first plane ride.

Luckily, Robin was not worried or nervous despite them flying at 10 p.m. She said, “I really go with my gut always. I knew I’d be safe with this man.”

Throughout their three years of dating, Robin worked at the airport as an instructor, responsible for providing landing instructions. But on Valentine’s Day in 1976, Dr.Phil flew down and spontaneously asked her on a date.

Robin ended her shift as normal, but little did she know that she would end the night as a fiancé. She said, “I was really surprised. I was the happiest woman in the world.”

Dr.Phil explained that he knew Robin was the one when everything felt easy. He found her when he least expected it, and building a future without her did not feel worth it.

So, six months after the proposal, and right after Dr. Phil had graduated, the couple tied the knot at a Baptist Church in Wichita, Texas.

At the time, the couple had not yet built the wealth they have today, so Robin got married in a $99 dress, and she had to pay $5 a week until it was fully paid. Meanwhile, her husband rented out a white tuxedo for three hours.

Dr.Phil and his wife often reflect on their humble beginnings before their lives changed for the better in 2002 when he landed his talk show.

Having been married for 46 years now, the couple is constantly asked how they made it work. Robin explained that they started cultivating and developing themselves as long-term partners when dating.

They took time to understand and learn from each other, so they were prepared for the whole nine yards when they walked down the aisle.

As much as Robin might have felt like she had prepared herself to be Dr.Phil’s wife, she knew she loved him from the day they met in that family room. She confessed, “I do believe in love at first sight, and I fell in love with this man on that very first night.”

After all these years, Robin still finds creative ways to surprise her husband. Dr.Phil admitted that he was not the easiest person to scare, but his 39th-anniversary gift shocked him.

Robin decided to show off her artistic skills. She surprised her husband with a video of herself painting while wearing a white dress and the veil from her wedding in 1976.

Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” played as she made brush strokes on the canvas. Robin expressed that parts of the song connected with her and Dr.Phil’s love story.

Dr.Phil could not believe his eyes seeing his wife had spent six hours painting for him. He watched the whole production in awe of Robin’s beauty.

The talk show mogul had always known his wife was artistic, which made him feel appreciated. “I cannot believe I am married to this woman, and I cannot believe she did that thing for me,” he reiterated.

The couple also decorated their bedroom with silver metal butterflies. One wall spelled love, and another displayed a heart with butterflies flying out of it.

Although the couple has multiple reasons behind their successful marriage, they are confident they have stayed together because they decided to put each other’s happiness first.

They Live a Normal Life despite Their Huge Fortune
Dr. PhIil started his career when he opened a private practice, but he ventured into co-founding Courtroom Sciences Inc (CIS), a trial consulting firm, with attorney Gary Dobbs.

This business brought him immense success, where he got to work with several airlines and many Fortune 100 firms, which is also how Dr.Phil got Oprah Winfrey as his client. They worked together on a trial and won.

Winfrey loved Dr. Phil’s work so much that she invited him to her show. He became an instant hit so he was invited as a weekly guest giving relationship advice.

Dr.Phil has over 25 years of experience on television and as a psychologist, therefore, he has built immense wealth. He is reportedly worth $460 million, mainly from his highly loved talk show, but he also earns as a podcaster and an author.

Dr.Phil is also a producer and has appeared in a few movies like “The Scary Movie” and on the show “The Doctors.”

Despite all his money, Dr. Phil has no problem stepping into the kitchen and making his wife a meal. Robin even posted a picture of her husband on Facebook and expressed how much she loved seeing him cook.

The couple loves to spend time in the kitchen together, and Dr.Phil shared a photo of Robin enjoying the food while he did all the cutting.

The talk show host believes part of the success of his marriage came from telling his wife, “Yes, Dear!” While he joked about being agreeable, Robin credits their open communication and shared values as their marriage’s anchors.

However, Robin also clarified that she would not have a marriage with conflict, so communication had to be prioritized. Additionally, she grew up with parents that never raised their voices at one another, so she wanted the same calmness in her home.

Dr.Phil and his wife are now grandparents of four. Their two sons, Jordan and Jay, are grown up and have their own families.

Jay is a father of two, Avery and London, who he shares with his wife, Erica Dahm. Jordan has two children, Row and Grey, with his wife, Morgen Stewart.

Robin and her husband are doting grandparents who love having their grandkids around. Fortunately, they live nearby, so they spend as much time with them as possible.

Dr.Phil is known not to let his guests get away with anything on the show, but he loses when it comes to his grandchildren. They are in charge of the kitchen, and Avery’s favorite meal to make “is Sprite-granola-cookie-bread-rose-petals-salt-and-pepper soup with jalapeños,” revealed Dr.Phil. However, she does not like to eat it.

ppy to spend time with his grandchildren, who call him Pops.

Robin loves seeing her husband bond with the kids. She revealed that Dr.Phil enjoys being with them so much that he records his conversations with them. The tough Dr.Phil on his talk show has a soft side, and his grandchildren know how to bring it out.

Secret to Their Relationship
Dr. Phil and his wife have dropped a few gems about what keeps their marriage strong, but the couple also gives a lot of advice on some of the things they believe are the demise of many couples.

With over 40 years of being together, the couple knows a thing or two about resolving conflict. Dr.Phil urges people never to let things stack up until the point of no return. He advises dealing with issues as they come.

Another tip on conflict resolution is not going into a disagreement to win but with understanding and the intention to be heard. Dr.Phil explained that going into an argument to win makes your partner a loser, which is not an expression of love. But if a dispute is approached with understanding, the common ground is reached quicker and more effectively.

Without knowing it, Robin committed herself to the job, and for 21 years, fans have been excited to see her walk her husband off the set.

The couple explained that it reflects their love and how comfortable they are around each other. Despite their success, their relationship has always remained the main focus.

The couple has also been open about their intimacy. They explained the longer they keep each other happy; the easier it is to be intimate with one another.

Forty-six years, two sons, and four grandkids later, Dr.Phil and Robin never forgot to nurture their relationship. They have adapted their relationship to their evolving lives and kept each other happy.