«Don’t strive for impossible ideals!»: The brave act of the cult actress removing her makeup in front of millions was praised

The «Titanic» star washed off her makeup during Live and left the fans speechless

It stands to reason what most show business stars and celebrities are not brave enough to show themselves entirely without makeup and any preparedness being afraid of possible criticism. Yet many are also criticized for overusing cosmetics.

The brave act of the «Titanic» star at 46 was highly praised since she found enough courage and honesty to show her natural beauty in front of millions during Live. The absence of any cosmetics and retouching delighted all her followers.

Many rushed to complement the charming star claiming how beautiful and feminine she actually is.

Winslet regretted nothing and was ready to completely open up.

The iconic film star proved that women even after 40 can look quite attractive and that age isn’t any obstacle or threat.

What do you think of the act of the Hollywood actress?

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