«Divorced four days after the wedding»: Here is Erika Koike, the fourth wife of «The Valley Girl» star Nicolas Cage

Have you seen Cage’s fourth wife whom he divorced four days after the wedding?

Meet Nicolas Cage whose real name is Nicholas Coppola and who earned $5000 for playing the leading role in «The Valley Girl». Other great films which brought him overall fame include «Snake Eyes», «Leaving Las Vegas» and so many others. It should be noted that the iconic actor has starred in over100 films gaining universal fame and popularity.

However, the early 2000s were successful for the legendary movie star too since he brilliantly participated in «Ghost Rider» and «Talking to the Wild» which not only made him more worldwide famous, but also one of the highest-paid movie stars of his time who could earn $20 000 000 per role.

The huge amount of money he diligently earned was invested in purchasing his German castle of Naidstein and its photo is shown below.

Whereas the iconic actor had to sell it including some of his other properties due to his prior wives while he was planning on marrying for the fourth time.

Here is Erika Koike whom Cage married in 2019 whose marriage, misfortunately, failed to last long.


She is actively engaged in the sphere of cosmetics and makeup and is almost 32 years younger than her already ex-husband. Their union was parted on the fourth day of their marriage. While being constantly asked to share the true reason for their breakup, Cage admits that he actually wasn’t ready for getting married again.

They had been dating for some time before they got married and once the spouses divorced they immediately ceased to keep in touch with each other.

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