«Did she drink the potion of youth?»: The rare footage of 40-year-old Anne Hathaway in swimwear drew everyone’s attention

Exclusive vacation shots of 40-year-old Hathaway in a two-piece bikini on a yacht

This talented and overall-recognized American actress A. Hathaway never ceases to pleasantly surprise her fans even at 40. The rare footage of the popular film star in a two-piece bikini on a yacht delighted the fans of the Hollywood celebrity.

«How is it even possible to look 20 years younger?», «Your perfect body shape drives me crazy», «It’s every girl’s dream to look this way at 40», «Did she drink the potion of youth?».

«Are you sure she is in her fourth decade?», «Envy silently, girls!», «Wow, you look stunning».

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