«Did anyone call for an icon?»: This is how Serena Williams’ body looks like without retouching

Serena Williams shows her body imperfections in an «honest» photoshoot 😳🥹

S. William’s outburst became the subject of heated discussions last year. Losing to N. Osaka, she caused a stir after shouting at the referee.

And only now she found enough courage to open up about that incident during the interview with Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

Interestingly enough, she decided that none of her photos would be retouched or edited so as to reveal her natural self and for the sake of honesty to her fans.

She admitted that she had never had the intention to offend Naomi and sincerely apologized for that unpleasant incident.

Anyway, she was strongly dissatisfied with her fellow’s behavior.

She was simply disappointed and didn’t expect such a thing to happen to her.

Serena is for body positivity and her decision to leave her photos without retouching pleasantly surprised everyone.

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