«Did anyone call for an icon?»: The provocative appearance of Megan Fox became the subject of discussions

People were not ready for Megan’s alluring appearance in an extra-spicy dress 😲🧐

It goes without saying that far not everyone would dare to wear such bold, outrageous and revealing dresses that this outstanding actress does. Her unearthly beauty and incredible talent gave the way for her drizzling acting career.

Till today, she still remains one of the most desirable and sought-after actresses. Far not everyone knows that she has body dysmorphia which means that she doesn’t accept the way she looks like.

«I have never seen myself the way other people perceive me».

Many can’t understand her self-rejection and complexes claiming that she looks stunning and closest to all the beauty standards. Yet her confidence and brightness raise such question as whether she is actually insecure about her body or not.


Her knee boots, mini leather dress and a black jacket constituted her stunning look. Her red hair perfectly suited her hot image.


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