Details concerning outstanding Hollywood actress Roberts and her beautiful family

Iconic actress Roberts and her husband are celebrating their 20th anniversary

In fact, celebrities are divided into two large groups:  those who overshare the details concerning their life and those who maintain a private lifestyle. And we can say that iconic and legendary film star Roberts is among the representatives of the second group as little information is actually known about her.

As Julia mentioned, her kids were born in the 2000s. In 2002 the brilliant actress photographed with D. Moder with whom she quickly befriended.

It should be noted that the legendary spouses are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year.

Currently, her adorable kids are already young adults thanks to whom she now actively leads an Instagram page.

Being representatives of modern society, they encouraged Julia to lead her networking pages and follow trends of today.

However, on contrary to most people’s supposition, her online activity doesn’t anyhow affect the quality of her everyday life.

Meanwhile, she often refuses to share some details concerning her private life and family with the intention to protect them from paparazzi.

What films have you watched starred by her?

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