“Definitely surpass them in beauty”: Here are models’ daughters who don’t look like their mothers

The heiresses of these popular models definitely surpassed their mothers in beauty

Being a model means a lot of great and positive things: traveling abroad, meeting people of different nationalities and cultures, having interesting photo shoots, receiving compliments, etc. Whereas just like any other activity, it also has its weak points and disadvantages, such as lack of sleep, constant diets, exhaustion and tight deadlines.

All in all, being a model is undoubtedly not the easiest profession in this world and requires certain skills, abilities limitations. What concerns the children of world famous models, some of them decide to follow their parents’ career steps, and some choose another path and specialize in completely different sphere.

Christie Brinkley with her daughter Sailor

Pat Cleveland and her heiress Anna

Jasmin le Bon with Amber

Andie MacDowell with Margaret

Jerry Hall with Georgia

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