«Days before he left us in tears!»: The exclusive photos of the late legendary comedian Williams touched everyone

Here are the last photos of Robin Williams 10 days before he left this world 🥹🤗

Being unable to overcome his depression and cope with anxiety, this great American actor and comedian chose to leave this world in 2014 leaving all his fans and family in tears and sorrow.

According to his close ones, he acted in a very strange way even months before his departure. He hardly appeared at events during the last months and didn’t want to see and interact with anyone. He wasn’t even present at his daughter’s birthday party.

One day his wife noticed that he hadn’t left his room for long. She went out and when she came back she, regretfully, discovered that something terrible happened.

Unfortunately, he didn’t want to continue struggling and chose the way that seemed to be right to end his depression.

And now, when looking at his last photos it becomes quite clear that he looked rather lost and confused.

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