«Dad’s genes did their job»: fans are amazed seeing Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s son, a real copy of his father

Have you already seen the 23-year-old son of Madonna and Ritchie?😳The son, Rocco, left his mother and decided to live with his father when the parents divorced😱Poor Madonna! But there are no words about his appearance🫢🫣

Rocco Ritchie celebrated his birthday in Sicily. The organized party was truly special and they really had a lot of fun.

It turned out that Madonna’s adopted daughters were invited to the party. And after the party, the beautiful Madonna posted photos from the event on her Instagram account.

Rocco decided that he would leave his mother and live with his father when his parents divorced. He lived in London for a long time.

Rocco is pursuing his wonderful artistic career. He goes by the pseudonym Rhed, and his work has found its way into the Tanya Baxter Gallery of Modern Art in London.

One of the unique techniques in his art is bricolage, in which he uses the reconstruction of individual materials to create new works of art. The result is unique!

We of course wish Rocco a happy birthday and wish him much further success. You too can share your congratulations by leaving comments on the post!

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