Connor from “Terminator”: Great actor Furlong who starred in “Terminator” is hard to recognize

Prominent actor Furlong from the film “Terminator” is unrecognizable

Meet Furlong who gained worldwide fame and overall recognition due to the legendary movie “Terminator” at a very young age being adored by millions all over the world.

His iconic role in the cult movie, i.e. John Connor made the adorable little actor prominent and well-known in each and every part of the world. Shortly after the release of the great movie, the boy brilliantly starred in several other pictures, whereas his career in the film industry was soon over.

Being raised in a family without his father and with Russian roots, Edward turned into a fatty and unattractive man who was absolutely unhappy and full of disappointments.

The film star had some addictions as well and, though he managed to get over and recover, he now stars in such films which mainly have a low-budget and his salary is relatively small nowadays.

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