«Confused with a street beggar»: French model Paradis in an unkempt look in men’s shoes and a weird hat disappointed her fans

The fans hardly recognized model Vanessa Paradis comparing her with a street beggar

However sorrowful it might be to realize, one of the French iconic and best-known singers and models V. Paradis is not the same at 49. Her unkempt looks with no hint of makeup and unsuccessfully chosen and unfeminine outfits often cause a stir.

Her recent appearance caught by paparazzi was compared with that of a street beggar. None of her fans could stay indifferent towards the celebrity’s appearance hardly believing that it was actually the iconic model previously adored by millions.

This is how the network users reacted. «Doesn’t look her best», «The beggar’s hat and men’s shoes spoiled the total look», «How quickly time flies in front of our eyes!», «I thought she was a street beggar, but not the legendary French model».

Did you recognize the popular French model in the recent paparazzi photos?

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