«Complete absence of a waist»: Wilde was heavily criticized for her appearance in a crop top and leggings

Far not everyone was pleased with Wilde’s figure in a sports top and leggings 😳😲

Recently, the topic of public discussions has been the incident between O. Wilde. and her director. As is known, this woman has built a drizzling career of an actress and has an irreplaceable role in the industry.

She has been accused of favoring her ex-boyfriend in the movie «Don’t Worry, Darling». There have been rumors about the scandals between her and F. Pugh on the set.

The rumors spread after she broke up with H. Styles and when the singer was caught kissing E. Ratajkowski. This caused a stir and a wave of negative comments «attacked» her.

She has been caught leaving the gym in Los Angeles. Her appearance immediately raised questions and became the subject of discussions.

This time, she chose black tight-fitting leggings and a sports top. Despite the fact she had no sagging or big belly, the netizens clearly saw the absence of a waist. Many found her outfit unsuccessful claiming that it failed to perfectly suit her.

However, far not everyone was dissatisfied about her look. Many still couldn’t stop admiring her stunning body and perfect parameters.

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