«Chastity changed into Chaz»: The way performer Cher’s 50-year-old heir has changed became the subject of discussions

Here is Chaz, legendary Cher’s 50-year-old daughter who decided to become a man

However surprising it may seem, here is the cult American singer’s 50-year-old heir who decided not to be a girl anymore. Previously, Chaz was Chastity and her current appearance greatly differs from that of the past.

There is no denying that no one expected this. Already at the age of 12, Chastity felt that she wasn’t like her peers and was «not included». At that time people were more than sure that she would become a real celebrity in the near future.

Afterward, she changed her orientation and underwent serious operations. She also changed her name to Chaz. Before long, Chaz lost weight and, taking hormones, Chaz’s appearance changed beyond recognition.

It stands to reason that it was took z a lot of time to get used to his new appearance and lifestyle, whereas now everything is alright.

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