«Changing the face of fashion»: The full-length photos of this unique model in swimwear became the subject of discussions

America’s Next Top Model contestant with vitiligo proudly shows her bikini body

Many have seen this Canadian girl who has become one of the most unique and outstanding models in the world. She suffers from vitiligo, yet she turned her rare condition into an advantage and a calling card.

There is no doubt that it is rather hard to pass by such a unique model and take our eyes of her unusual body. Her rare beauty is appreciated by fashion enthusiasts. Many claim that they have never been lucky enough to see such beauty.

«The perfection itself!», «Nature has played a trick on her», «She is endowed with rare beauty», «These spots make her atypical and non-standard».

«She is one of a kind», «I can’t stop admiring her».

«She encourages us to never give up and accept the way we are since each of us is absolutely distinctive».


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