«Cellulite and body covered in pits»: how the icon of beauty and femininity Julia Roberts looks like now

Fans’ reactions to what they saw were split.🙄🤔

Our beloved Julia Roberts has surprised her fans with her femininity. Many women dreamed of being like her. But this time, the reactions of Internet users to what they saw were split. Many wrote in the comments that Roberts no longer has that attractive appearance.

While on vacation, the paparazzi noticed Julia and immediately photographed her. Followers, having seen her new photos, simply could not pass by and leave them without comment.

Many wrote that the footage is not good. In these photos, she was not in good shape with cellulite, and the entire body of the movie star was covered in pits.

And according to some fans, the paparazzi just wanted to show only Julia’s physical flaws. Loyal fans do not want to accept that Julia, like everyone else, is getting old.

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