Catherine Zeta-Jones Celebrates Daughter Carys’ Birthday: A Stunning Duo with Promising Modeling Career Ahead

With such genes it could not be otherwise  🥹😍

Catherine Zeta-Jones always impresses people with her stunning photos, where she looks much younger than her real age. Recall that the star is already 51.

She is married to 76-year-old Michael Douglas, with whom she shares two children: a son and a daughter.

Dylan, their son, is already 20, while Carys, the daughter, is 18. She is a copy of her mother and grows up to be a real beauty.

On her daughter’s birthday, Catherine published two exciting pictures with her: the first one is from childhood, and the second one was taken recently.

The girl is a real beauty and thanks to her mother’s strong genes, she looks a lot like her. She proudly posed next to her star mother and they two look very happy and satisfied together.

Catherine wrote a very touching congratulatory message to her heiress, expressing her great love and respect for her.

Carys is a young model and has already appeared on the covers of famous magazines. We are sure she will become one of the most respected models in the near future.

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