«Breastfed a total stranger’s starving baby»: Salma recalls a touching story when she breasfed a newborn despite cameras around

Hayek’s selfless act to breastfeed a stranger’s newborn during one of her tours

It is worth mentioning that nursing is a rather popular thing among young mothers who have just recently experienced the first delights of parenthood.

A woman is the most beautiful and powerful creature on Earth whose body produces milk and she is endowed with an opportunity to use it for a certain purpose.

The following heart-felt experience well-known and successful Mexican film star recalls melted absolutely everyone’s heart. She once offered her own milk to a total stranger’s hungry newborn.

During one of the tours to a hospital, she met a mother whose milk had stopped and her newborn baby was starving. Despite all the cameras around, she rushed to breastfeed the child offering her priceless help.

According to the popular actress, being a kind-hearted and generous is actually a matter of genetics.

Once her granny helped a starving baby by breastfeeding in one Mexican village.

What can you say about this situation? Are you for or against breastfeeding a stranger’s baby?

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