«Breaking News!»: Snook well-known for her role in «The Heirs» publicly announced her pregnancy

No longer able to keep it a secret, the star of «The Heirs» showed her pregnant tummy

Being no longer able to conceal her delicate position, she officially announced her pregnancy at the premiere of «The Heirs» premiere of the fourth season. She announced the long-awaited news and delighted everyone.

What concerns her spectacular appearance, the charming star was dressed in an elegant black jumpsuit. To complete her look, Sarah put on a shimmering silver jacket. Her plunging neckline, luxurious ring and diamond earrings made a splash.

Her wine-colored lips and delicate waves gave «The Heirs» star even more charm and elegance.

Her relatively big tummy made it quite clear that she has been pregnant for already 6-7 months. She added. «This is exciting! I feel great! I’m about two months away from giving birth».

Australian comedian D. Lawson, that is her husband, accompanied her on the Red Carpet.

«I was stuck in Melbourne during the start of the pandemic with one of my best friends, and we fell in love. We’d been friends since the year 2014, had lived and traveled together, and were always excited to see each other».

Their quiet wedding ceremony took place in 2021 with their families and close friends.

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