‘Brady Bunch’ star Eve Plumb looks better than ever at 65 – see her today

Eve Plumb will forever be known for playing Jan Brady, the insecure middle child of The Brady Bunch forever living in the shadow of her older, more popular sister Marcia (“Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!”)

Throughout her career, Plumb has often tried to distance herself from the childhood role that made her famous, but fans will always know and love her for her iconic performance as Jan.

The actress is now 65, and still looks great, showing off a new look at a recent red carpet appearance. Read about Eve Plumb’s career and see photos of her today.

Early career and Brady Bunch
Born April 29, 1958 in Burbank, California, Plumb began her acting career as a child, appearing in TV commercials as well as shows like Lassie. Plumb says she never planned on becoming a child star.

“It just happened,” she told Closer Weekly. “A children’s agent moved next door to me when I was a kid and I got a commercial, then I kept getting more.”

From 1969 to 1974, she played Jan on The Brady Bunch, which has become one of TV’s most iconic shows ever. Jan embodied the awkwardness and insecurities of adolescence: storylines often focused on her feeling left out or jealous of her siblings. One memorable, oft-parodied episode revolves around her making up a fictional boyfriend named “George Glass.”

The Brady Bunch was successful in its run and was an even bigger hit in syndication. After the show ended, Plumb appeared in guest roles in many sitcoms. She also played a teenage prostitute in the TV film Dawn: Portrait of a Teenage Runaway and its sequel.

After Brady Bunch
But Plumb struggled to find her place in show biz as she outgrew her child star phase but was still seen by many as Jan Brady.

“I had so much success as a child,” she told Closer. “But once you age out of being the cute kid, then what? If you’re not ready for it, it can be very difficult.”

But she was also reluctant to continue playing Jan Brady: she was memorably the only Brady Bunch cast member who did not star in the much-maligned variety show The Brady Bunch Hour; she was replaced by “Fake Jan” Geri Reischl.

“I don’t mean to sound ungrateful. I loved the Brady Bunch years,” she told the Journal Tribune in 1977. “I learned a lot, and the people were terrific to work with. But now I want to go on to other things and become an individual… not just one of the Brady group.”

“I didn’t want to wind up 32 and still be known as Jan Brady.”

However, she did return to play Jan Brady in the 1981 special The Brady Girls Get Married, which led to the sitcom The Brady Brides.

“Naturally, I was surprised when they approached me to play Jan again,” Plumb told The Hollywood Reporter in 1981. “I debated with myself whether I should or shouldn’t. But it was such a new and contemporary idea that I decided to go ahead.”

Eve Plumb today
Plumb has continued to act in various non-Brady projects: she has appeared in theater productions, had a guest starring role in Law and Order: SVU and played Mrs. Murdoch in Grease Live. She has also had success as a painter.

But she’s made peace with the fact that she will always be known first and foremost as Jan Brady.

“I’ll always be Jan Brady to so many people. I can’t escape it, but I can do other things,” she told Closer, before joking, “Isn’t [Jan] dead yet?”

Eve Plumb is now 65. She’s still going strong and looking as good as ever. She recently appeared on the red carpet at the premiere of Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies, showing off a new look with short hair, and fans have commented on social media that she looks incredible.

Eve Plumb is still looking great! We love The Brady Bunch and her performance as Jan Brady!

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