“Born without a nose”: This is how the newborn who was diagnosed aplasia looks after eight years

Here is the absolutely unique baby girl born without a nose after eight years

Like all her peers, Tessa is really fond of playing various games, taking walks in the park, riding a bicycle and interacting with other kids. Whereas Tessa is absolutely unique and distinctive given the fact the girl was born without a nose which is once-in-a-lifetime case.

The baby was soon diagnosed aplasia which results in the lack of some body parts or organs and this unique disease has appeared only 100 times in the entire world.

Though she is deprived of the sense of smell, Tessa normally coughs, sneezes and even sometimes gets cold like an absolutely ordinary kid.

Despite all the hardship and difficulties and the fact she has gone and is still going through a lot, Tessa is quite optimistic and open-hearted. It is simply impossible not to fall in love with her.

It is needless to say that initially, the absence of a nose literally shocked her parents and they couldn’t believe their eyes. Whereas soon the spouses got used to it and, for them, their baby girl is the most beautiful on Earth.

In fact, her parents learnt that something was definitely wrong with the baby’s face the time she still wasn’t born. The doctors rushed to warn the spouses about her uniqueness giving them an option to end the pregnancy. Meanwhile, the devoted parents strongly refused. Tessa isn’t anyhow worse than the others and lives her life to the fullest.

Apart from the aplasia, the poor girl suffered from cataract in her left eye but the problem was fixed and cured with the help of an operation she had undergone at the age of 11 months.

Owing to doctors’ efforts, Tessa is now able to breathe while eating and sleeping with the help of a tracheostomy.

Moreover, when she gets older the doctors are planning on creating an artificial nose, a prosthesis for her.

Her relatives, devoted parents and siblings never cease to support Tessa and it is due to their help and dedication that Tessa doesn’t lose her hope.