«Born to become supermodels!»: This is how the heirs of actor Fraser have changed

Brendan Fraser showed his grown-up heirs who have become real heartthrobs 🧐🤔

This talented actor’s roles in «George of the Jungle» and «The Mummy» brought him fame and recognition. His stunning return to the screen earned a well-deserved «Oscar». This is what the sons of the prominent movie star look like now.

The actor chose not to show her sons publicly keeping them away from the spotlight. He did everything necessary to keep them safe and away from cameras.

The recent spectacular appearance of his beautiful family at the awards ceremony quickly became the subject of discussions. Many couldn’t take their eyes off the boys who have become even more handsome over the years.

They have unique features that are characteristic only of them. Holden can boast of his handsomeness and athletic figure and Leland has gorgeous long hair and a «model» appearance that distinguish him from the others.

Concerns his eldest son, he is diagnosed with autism. That’s why he appears at such events rather rarely.


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