“Beverly Hills, 90210 after 30 years”: This is how the actors and actresses have changed since the release of the series

Here are the cult actors and actresses of our beloved series of the 1990s

Those who are already adults will definitely remember the cult and very popular series during which the entire families gathered together putting off all their affairs. Every one of them has had his or her unique role in our lives and brilliantly depicted the life of American teenagers. Believe it or not, the very first episode of the series came out in 1990 which means that over three decades have already passed.

It goes without saying that we now can hardly recognize the film stars as much time has passed and they have noticeably changed, some even beyond recognition. It is a pity that L. Perry passed away at the age of 52 leaving his fans in sorrow and tears.

You can see how the actors and actresses have changed so far.








A. Green


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