“Believe it or not, this is the same person”: Pavel Kondrashin turns ordinary women into goddesses 

After putting on makeup, the ordinary clients changed beyond recognition

People, especially women, spend a relatively long time preparing to go out, to work and to an occasion so as to always look spectacular and presentable. Makeup constitutes an inseparable part in a number of girls’ and women’s routine which they simply can’t skip before meeting other people. And today, we would like to mention a very talented master – Pavel Kondrashin, who turns simple and unkempt women into stunning ladies.

Such a perfect transformation!

The specialist certainly knows how to highlight women’s good sides and charm.

She looks gorgeous!

The 71-year-old elderly woman turned into a gorgeous lady.

The professional master’s decision to put on some blue shades on her lids was really relevant and undoubtedly gave the client more charm and elegance.

Quite a simple makeup, whereas such a fantastic outcome!

She probably wasn’t aware of the fact she could be this much beautiful and attractive!

Elena changed a lot as well and looks stunning.

What a magic!

Elderly women also want to feel themselves beautiful and well-groomed.

Two completely different people!

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