“Before undergoing rhinoplasty!”: This is how well-known celebrities looked before changing their noses

Here are photos of 10 stars revealing how they looked before rhinoplasty

As you all certainly know, a number of people impulsively rush to change the shape of their nose making it look thinner and more beautiful. The plastic surgery which deals with this is called rhinoplasty.

While many are strongly against undergoing any surgeries and applying artificial methods of altering one’s appearance, fixing all the “flaws” and “imperfections”, a lot of celebrities do it for the sake of beauty and youth. So here are some of those whose appearance radically transformed after they changed the shape of their noses.

B. Lively

The charming star has definitely done something with her nose which is clearly seen here. Many believe that currently she looks much better.

J. Aniston

When looking at iconic actress Aniston’s archival photos, it immediately becomes apparent that she has changed her nose. There is simply no doubt about it.

J. Connelly

It goes without saying that Jennifer’s facial features have surely been altered. In addition, her nose’s become narrowed and much smaller.


Some strongly hold the opinion that “the most beautiful woman on Earth” has undergone rhinoplasty as well.


At the beginning of her drizzling career, Ashley’s nose looked much different, didn’t it?

V. Beckham

Despite the fact Beckham hasn’t shared anything about the procedures she underwent, Victoria has undoubtedly changed her nose, and not only!

S. Hayek

Not much has changed, in fact.

B. Hadid

Of course, in general, her facial features have changed a lot!

P. Cruz

You yourself can easily witness the obvious changes she underwent!

R. Huntington- Whiteley

She looked beautiful before and now, whereas the apparent changes concerning her nose have been proved.