«Before she met the Prince»: The rare footage of Kate Middleton before she met William and became the Princess of Wales

Netizens hardly recognized Middleton in archival photos before she met William

We all are used to seeing K. Middleton, already the Princess of Wales, being thin, feminine and with a perfect body shape. However surprising it might seem, even the three pregnancies in row failed to spoil her stunning figure.

The whole thing is that the legendary woman has always returned to her perfect body shape with the help of proper nutrition and regular physical activities.  That’s the reason why we hardly recognize the Princess in these rare archival photos.

Some exclusive photos shared on the web reveal Middleton while she was still studying at the University of St. Andrews in which she looks entirely different.

These shots are likely to be taken in the 1990s or early 2000s when she was studying at Marlborough College or during the program at the Florence British Institute.

Yet, it should be mentioned that Kate hadn’t kept her plump body for a long time since shortly after meeting the Prince she started to take a great interest in sports and quickly dropped those extra kilos gaining a toned and flawless body.

Was it easy to recognize Middleton in these rare archival photos?

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