«Beauty lies within!»: This is how the girl with a non-standard appearance has changed since her school years

The unique girl whose birthday party no one came to: Here she is 20 years later! 🤔

Being born with Wiedermann-Rautenstrauch syndrome, this absolutely unique girl always faced harsh criticism. She was not involved in any companies and not accepted by her classmates who didn’t miss a chance to judge her appearance.

So as to gain kilos and normalize her weight, the non-standard girl had to eat very often remaining the target of bully.

Especially the moment when she realized that no single one came to her birthday party broke her heart into thousands of pieces.

This is what the unusual-looking girl looks like about twenty years later.

She hasn’t given up and is currently a blogger-influencer who has about 100 000 subscribers who sincerely admire and openly support her.

«What a strong girl!», «Why do people find her ugly and unattractive? I simply can’t understand that».

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