«Beauty is different»: This is how the boy with the world’s longest eyelashes has changed

The unique boy with the longest eyelashes on the planet has grown up 🤔🥹

Meet this absolutely unique boy named Muin who comes from a large family. Once he was born, even the doctors were greatly surprised by his extraordinarily beautiful appearance.

Though his eyelashes were extremely big, everyone assured that he had no disorder or disease.

Once the public got acquainted with Muin, his distinct appearance became the subject of discussions the reason of which was that no other guy in his peer looked even slightly similar to him.

Apart from the eyelashes, he also has rather thick eyebrows leading us to conclude that this is something typical of his ethnic characteristics.

What is more, his name was even listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

The cute boy has already got accustomed to others’ interest in him. Now, it is a common thing for him to get extra close attention.

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