«Bare shoulders and open breasts»: fans are stunned seeing Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck’s ex-wife, in a strapless dress

She does not look at 51 at all!😱🫣After such an image, it is already clear why millions of people admire Garner’s femininity😍🫠Here is who Ben Affleck let go!🫢

Jennifer Garner, American famous actress, this time has covered millions of hearts. She appeared at the Los Angeles premiere of «The Last Thing He Said to Me» in a white fitted dress.

Garner was with bare shoulders and half-open chest, and the dress had decorative gold stripes to make the look of the dress more attractive. She opted for gold stiletto sandals, diamond earrings and several stone rings. Spectacular curls were slightly combed back. And the makeup was not vulgar with smoky shadows, delicate lipstick and blush.

The premiere was on April 14, where Garner played the lead role. This role was originally intended for Julia Roberts. Reese Witherspoon, who is the show’s producer, was in attendance. She wore a one-shoulder black mini dress and stylish black heels.

This thriller is about the story of a woman who begins a strange relationship with her teenage stepdaughter. She wants to uncover the truth about her husband who has disappeared.

Garner was a little worried about the role and was nervous because she went through a rigorous and lengthy audition process and only got her part after a few letters. In the series, she and her stepdaughter are rivals, but they work together to find answers. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is her husband in the series and Anguri Rice is her stepdaughter.

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