“Bald stars with hair”: This is what the overall-known bald stars would actually look like if they had hair

Let’s imagine these iconic bald celebrities had hair: How would they look?

For many people, losing their hair seems something tragic and terrible, whereas some overall-recognized celebrities are proud of their look wearing their “hairstyle” with dignity. Can you imagine V. Diesel or M. Jordan with hair? Something unbelievable, right? That’s the reason we decided to show how legendary bald celebrities would look if they had hair. The results will leave all of you speechless.

V. Diesel

However surprising it may seem, V. Diesel once had hair and this is how he would look according to our supposition.

J. Statham

The iconic star from “Fast & Furious” looks simply fantastic with or without hair.

D. Chappelle

The praiseworthy and successful comedian would look rather unusual if he had hair.

B. Willis

It has been many years the legendary film star has returned to his previous “rock star” hairstyle like that of in the beginning of his drizzling career.

This is what M.Jordan who has always appeared with clearly shaved head would actually look like with hair. How unexpected!

L. David became the 6th man for our today’s interesting experiment. Though he does have hair on the back of his head, extra hair will do nothing but better his appearance, right?


L. Rashid Lynn who is our next bald celebrity actually looks totally unrecognizable. No one expected such a result!

Dwayne Johnson

D. Johnson well-known as the Rock would look even more handsome with hair on his head. Whereas, of course, it is his attractiveness and smile that make him one of the most outstanding and beloved American actors.

The next star is S. L. Jackson who definitely looks great no matter with or without any hairstyle.

The last reincarnation is one of the legends of Hollywood, i. e. J. Malkovich.

Do you think they would actually look this way with hair?