«At least not completely naked!»: Klum’s spectacular appearance in a mesh dress deserves special attention

Everyone’s attention was drawn to the seductive look of one of the iconic 1990s models

H. Klum has become one of the prime examples that even some supermodels of the 1990s can outshine contemporary ones with their glory and timeless beauty. Klum attended the second part of the MTV Movie & TV Awards.

The revealing outfit of the legendary 47-year-old model soon became the subject of heated discussions. She appeared in a completely transparent mesh dress that disclosed even her underwear.

Under the black mesh dress, she put on a black bodysuit with an open back. It is worth mentioning that the outfit was from Aliette and made the star’s appearance on the Red Carpet unforgettable.

There is no denying that, however, Klum is a great lover of spicy and revealing outfits and even at such an age she often gives her preference to provocative outfits.

How did you like the daring outfit of the 1990s supermodel?

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