«As handsome as in his early years». 65-year-old Dolph Lundgren does not stop surprising fans with his successful career  

Age has not affected either his appearance or his career 😳🧐

Dolph Lundgren, a well-known actor, director, and martial artist, continues his successful career even at the age of 65.

Besides being a talented man, he is very handsome and no one can give him more than 50.

Although the actor is not young anymore and is not as famous as he was in his early years, he creates various projects and runs an active lifestyle.

Despite a big success in career, Dolph puts his family in the first place. For him his young wife, model Emma Krokdal, and two daughters are a whole world.

His wife is his soulmate and a great motivation for him. She supports him in everything and with her efforts he can balance his family and career. He is extremely happy and lucky to have such a loving and devoted family.

The star organizes many charity works and tries to have a healthy and active lifestyle. He trains regularly and pays much attention to his own health.

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