«Are there bald spots on her head?»: The recent appearance of the Amazon founder’s lover caused a stir on network

The multimillionaire’s girlfriend Lauren was heavily criticized for her appearance

Shortly after the overall-recognized and worldwide famous Amazon founder, 58-year-old J. Bezos unexpectedly divorced his wife with whom he had lived for decades, a number of his fans were more than sure that the man would had an affair with a young star.

Whereas the well-known man started dating socialite L. Sanchez who wasn’t initially «accepted» by Bezos’s fans, but then the public clearly saw how happy they actually were together.

There is no denying that in spite of her age Lauren looks quite attractive and possesses a stunning body as well as perfect skin. All this is the result of her regular engagement in sports, beauty procedures as well as her genes.

Yet, many never miss a chance to heavily criticize the woman claiming that she definitely overdid with beauty procedures and that her body became too muscular and unfeminine due to sports.

Meanwhile, Lauren seems to be completely satisfied with her current appearance. The recent look of the woman in a helmet, goggles, pants and a black jacket didn’t let any of their fans remain indifferent.

Moreover, she unbuttoned her jacket to show off her stunning body and look attractive.

Despite her attempts to always look fantastic, the netizens were left astonished seeing those bald spots on her head once she took off her helmet.

«Unless I’m mistaken, there are already some bald spots on her head», «Tell me, is it grey hair or is she already going bald?», «We hope there’s nothing to worry about».